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Charles A. Wolaver



Charles A. Wolaver

"History of Shelby County, Ohio"
by A.B.C. Hitchcock; Sidney, Ohio; 1913
Richmond-Arnold Pub. Co.; Chicago, IL.
Page 610

    president of the board of trustees of Loramie township, is a well known resident of Houston, O., where he follows the carpenter trade, his pleasant home and comfortable residence being situated on the east side of the Piqua and St. Mary's turnpike road. He was born two miles west of Newport, O., in Cynthian township, Shelby county, February 9, 1863, and is a son of Henry and Elizabeth (Dunn) Wolaver.  Henry Wolaver died on his farm in Loramie township, when in his fifty-fifth year and was laid to rest in the cemetery of the Christian church, being a member of that religious body. He married Elizabeth Dunn, who was born in Loramie township and still resides on her farm there, her son, John R., carrying on the farm industries. To
Henry and Elizabeth Wolaver four children were born: Charles A., John R., William H. and Laura A., who  is the wife of Henry Wick. Charles A. Wolaver was educated in the schools of Cynthian and Loramie townships, and since 1882 has been a permanent resident of the latter township, where he has farm interests. Since February, 1912, he has occupied his present home. For the past two years he has been president of the Farmers Elevator Company, of Houston, of which he is a director and was one of the founders, and for the past three years he has been agent for one of the latest improved cream separators, an indispensable article for dairymen. On December 27, 1890, Mr. Wolaver was married to Miss Annie E. Cromes, who was born in Miami county, 0., June 30, 1869. and is a daughter of Joseph and Elizabeth Cromes, both of whom are now deceased. To Mr. and Mrs. Wolaver three children were born; Forrest Raymond, a resident of Houston, who married Florence E. Flavert; Arthur Emerson, who is in the Houston high school as a student; and Walter Elwood, who attends the public
schools. Mr. Wolaver has been a lifelong democrat, as was his father, and is now serving in his second year as a member of the township board of trustees, having been president of this body since January, 1912. He is recognized as one of the reliable men of Loramie township, ever ready to perform any public duty and honest and efficient in whatever he attempts, whether in business or as a public official.

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