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John Sturm

History Of Shelby County, 1883 Sutton
Green Township
Page 204

John Sturm, Farmer; P.O. Tawawa, Ohio

Mr. Sturm was born in Clarke County, Ohio Jan. 31, 1813, and was brought to Shelby County by his parents, Henry and Elizabeth Sturm, in 1814, who settled in what is now Green Township, where they made improvements, and passed the remainder of their days.  They were, as mear as can be ascertained, the first settlers in Green Township, their nearest neighbors being six miles distant, and their home was what we can justly call a home in the woods,with no one except the Indians near them, and they were everyday visitors, calling to ask some favor of the white man.  They reared a family of twelve children, viz., Matthias, Margaret, Nicholas, Henry, Peter, William, Jacob, Frederick, Ephraim, Elizabeth, George, and John.  Mathias, Nicholas, and Henry served in the war of 1812.  All of the above named children are now dead, expect George and John, twin brothers.  George is now living in Perry Township, Shelby County, and John is living on the home farm in Green Township.  Mr. Sturm died June 14, 1832 aged seventy five years.  His comanion departed this life April 3, 1840, aged eighty five years.  He had a reputation as an expert with his rifle and was a successful 
hunter.  Mr. John Sturm, the subject of this sketch, was reared a farmer and spent his minority days on the farm, clearing, grubbing and preparing the soil for cultivation. On the 30th day of July, 1834, he married Mrs. Rachel M. Barbee, by whom he reared six children, viz., Elias B., Julia A., John F., David I., Mary E., and Eliza J.  Mr. and Mrs. Sturm settled on his father's home farm where they have resided since.  Miss Barbee, wife of Mr. Sturm, was born in Butler County, Ohio, Aug. 28, 1817, and came to Shelby County with her parents, Elias and Mary Barbee, in 1834, who setttled on the N.W. quarter of section 2, Green Township, where Mr. Barbee died Feb. 1, 1842.  His companion died Oct. 17, 1871. 

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