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George Sturm



George Sturm

History of Shelby County
Sutton 1883
Perry Township
P. 221

The first we can learn of the Sturms is that in 1757 Henry Sturm was born in Virginia, and came to Ohio, and located in Clarke County; but the time is not known, but was prior to the war of 1812, for he had three sons in the army who went from Clarke County.  He was married to Elizabeth Weaver, and had a family of fourteen children.  George and John, twin brothers, were the youngest of the family, and were born in Clarke County, January 321, 1813. 


In August or September, 1814, Henry Sturm and his family moved to what is now Shelby County, and located in Green Township.  The nearest white settler  to them at the time was David Henry, nearly six miles distant, and A.  Wilkinson in Champaign County, six miles distant.  Here in the woods, George Sturm was raised without privelege of schools, the Indians being far more  numerous in those days than the whites.  George and John at the death of  their father in 1832 bought the old homestead.  This they owned together for  a number of years, when George sold his interest to his brother, and removed to Illinois, but remained there only a few months, when he returned and  bought the homestead of his wife’s father- Isaac Stout- in Perry Township, section 9, where he now resides.  He was married to Mary A. Stout in 1833. They have raised a family of five children, Matilda, Rebecca, Martha, Hannah E., and Rachel A.  Isaac Stout located in Perry in 1831.  Mr. Sturm has retired from labor, being afflicted with a nervousness that prevents him from labor.  His wife also has been a sufferer for years, and is compelled to walk with crutches.  Mr. Sturm has been living in the county sixty-eight years.


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