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John C. Simes



John C. Simes

From The History of Shelby County, Ohio, published by R. Sutton & Co.,
Philadelphia, 1883.

Page 193 Orange Township

 A son of John and Rebecca Walkup Simes, was born in Champaign County in 

1814.  In 1844 he married Amanda A. Hendley.  By this union they have raised 
a family of seven children;   their names are as follows:  William H. , Mary A., 
Clarissa R., Florence S., Delphine C., George C., and Denton J.  Mr. Simes, while he lived, had the esteem and respect of his Neighbors, who elected him for a number of years to fill the office of treasurer of his township.  He died February , 1878. 
        The O'Hendleys, or Hendleys as they are now called , were from Ireland, came  to the American colonies long before the Revolution, and married in America a lady from Holland.   Wm. Hendley was a descendant of this couple; he was a resident of Boston, and was one of the party who made that large pot of tea in Boston Harbor.  He served a soldier  throughout the Revolutionary War.  We have no knowledge when or to whom he  married, but he raised a family of ten children.  John D. was the youngest of these; he was born in Boston in 1792, married Clarissa Harrington in 1816, and raised a family of five children.  Mrs. Simes was one of these five; she was born in Clinton County, O., in 1821, removed to Miami County in 1829, married John C. Simes in 1844, and came to Shelby County in 1850.


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