Shelby County

Dr. David R. Silver

Male 1844 - Yes, date unknown


Dr. D.R. Silver

"History of Shelby County, Ohio"
by A.B.C. Hitchcock; Sidney, Ohio; 1913
Richmond-Arnold Pub. Co.; Chicago, IL.
Page 259

    While not contemporaneous with the old time practitioners of Shelby
county it is thought best to enroll the name of Dr. D. R. Silver in
the list of early physicians and his death a year ago, December 8,
was sincerely mourned by the entire community. He was reared on a
farm near Wooster, Ohio, where he was born April 1, 1844, and when
eighteen years of age entered upon an academic course at Vermillion
Institute in Haysville, Ohio. After finishing there he studied
medicine in Wooster and then graduated from the Jefferson Medical
College of Philadelphia in 1868. He came to Sidney in 1871 from Apple
Creek, Wayne county, where he had been practising and
married Miss Jennie E. Fry of Sidney, June 2, 1872, and has had three
children, two of whom survive, Edith, and Arthur, the latter having taken
up his father's practice since his death.
    Dr. Silver was possessed of an analytical mind, positive in his
convictions and unswerving in his devotion to his principles. He was
a stanch Republican in politics, an implacable enemy of the saloon
and it is said his activity in the wet-and-dry campaign hastened his
death. An orthodox Presbyterian in which church he had been an elder
since 1873. A member of the board of health of the city, identified
with the schools as medical inspector, in which capacities he made
investigations of sanitary conditions and the laws of hygiene. The
father of the Shelby County Medical Society and a member of the Ohio
State Medical Society.

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