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Henry Shroyer

"History of Shelby County, Ohio"
by A.B.C. Hitchcock; Sidney, Ohio; 1913
Richmond-Arnold Pub. Co.; Chicago, IL.
Page 688

    who is now living in comfortable retirement at Maplewood, O., is an
example of what may be accomplished in securing success and
independence in life by the exercise of prudence and self-denial in
youth and persistent industry through the years when the vital powers
are at their best. Mr. Shroyer is a self-made man and through his own
efforts built up from nothing a fortune that included the possession
of more than 500 acres of land in the best sections of Shelby county.
He was born in August, 1835, in Miami county, O. The parents of Henry
Shroyer were of the same name although not related, Joseph and Mary
(Shroyer) Shroyer. Joseph Shroyer was born in Ohio while his wife was
a native of Maryland. After marriage they lived in Miami county but
later came to Salem township, Shelby county, where both passed away
on their farm and their burial was in the cemetery belonging to the
Reformed church, the church site having been given by Mr. Shrover.
They had a large family of children, the record being as follows:
William, Thomas, Jacob, John, Henry, Elizabeth, Catherine, Eliza and
Matilda, the last named being the only surviving daughter and she is
the wife of Samuel
Giffin. Elizabeth was the wife of Samuel Roberts, Catherine was the wife
of Frank Maxwell, and Eliza was the wife of Joseph Dodds.
     Henry Shroyer had but meager schooling when he was a boy, partly
because of the lack of school facilities in the neighborhood of his
father's farm and partly because his services were needed, with
those of his brothers, to help carry on the agricultural industries
that then had to be conducted, more or less, without the help of
much labor-saving machinery. He started out for himself as soon as
he became independent and for five years afterward worked in Miami
county for $12 and $13 a month. He then came to Shelby county and
continued to work by the month on farms until he was twenty-eight
years of age. For about five years after marriage he rented farming
land and by that time had accumulated enough capital to buy his
first eighty acres, situated in Salem township, and this tract he
still owns. With continued prudence he became able to add farm to
farm until over 500 acres belonged to him, all earned through his
own unassisted efforts. Mr. Shroyer proved then to be a generous
father for he divided this large estate among his children, happy in
thus providing for them and giving each a good start in life.
    On May 18, 1865, Mr. Shroyer was married to Miss Mary Strahlem, at
the parsonage of the German Reformed church, by Rev. Jeremiah Heller.
She was born in Ohio, a daughter of Gotleib and Elizabeth (Clapper)
Strahlem, the father a native of Germany and the mother of Ohio, her
parents having come here from Maryland. Mrs. Shroyer was the youngest
of her parents' children, the others being: Jacob, Henry, David,
Susan, Abraham, Isaac and Samuel. Susan married James Moreland. To
Mr. and Mrs.
Shroyer six children were bom, namely: Clara, who is the wife of William
Rubert; Eliza Ellen, who is the wife of John C. Wones; Harriet, who is the
wife of George W. Rose; and Elmer, Nelson C. and Harry. Mr. Shroyer and
family belong to the Reformed church, in which be was a deacon for many
years. In politics he is a democrat and has always given an active support
to the candidates of his party.

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