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J.C. Short

"History of Shelby County, Ohio"
by A.B.C. Hitchcock; Sidney, Ohio; 1913
Richmond-Arnold Pub. Co.; Chicago, IL.
Page 548

    general farmer and stock raiser, residing in Cynthian township,
Shelby county, O.; was born on this place, the old family home-stead
January 25, 1872, and is a son of John Short, one of the old and
respected residents of this section. J. C. Short was primarily
educated in the Short Special School District and afterward attended
the Normal School at Lebanon, O., and then engaged for a time in
teaching school in his own and neighboring townships. In more or less
degree he has always engaged in farming and since marriage has
devoted himself entirely to agricultural activities. This farm is the
old Moyer homestead and here Mr. Short's mother was born, Grandfather
Moyer having entered the land. There are eighty acres in the farm and
it has been improved by J. C. Short and his father and is one of the
fine farms of Cynthian township, J. C. Short was married on May 1,
1901, to Miss Sarah Anderson, a daughter of I. N. and Catherine
(Peters) Anderson, of Miami county, O. Mr. and Mrs. Short have one
son, a bright youth of ten years who is making satisfactory progress
at school and the name of John Emery Short stands on the record of
the Oran Special School District with many credit marks attached.
Since January, 1912, Mr. Short has been a member of the school board,
elected on the democratic ticket. Mr. Short and family are members of
the CIiristian church at Oran, O., their farm lying one mile north
and one and one-half mile west of that town,

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