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Walker Ellsworth McCorkle



Dr. Walker Ellsworth McCorkle, M.D.

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Walker Ellsworth McCorkle was the youngest child of Cyrus E. McCorkle and Mary Elizabeth Younker. He was born 25 March 1889 in Cynthian Township  of Shelby County. At the time that Walker was attending school, the eighth grade was the highest level of education available in the local area. He and his older brother Charles had to attend Manchester College in Indiana where they received an Academy degree before they could proceed on to a regular university. It was at Ohio University that the brothers, one tall, Charles at 6’4”, and the other, Walker, not so tall, only a bit over 5’ played on the school’s 1909 national champion basketball team. Back then, the sport was played on a fenced-off, cage-like court, not the modern open wood floor ones we see today. The two brothers were very competitive and physically  aggressive, even towards each other, drawing packed gymnasiums  of enthusiastic fans. 
        He graduated from OU in 1911 with a Bachelor of Science degree in zoology, and the following year he received a Master of Science degree.  Walker continued his education by attending Rush Medical School in Chicago.  He set up a surgical practice in Kenmore, Ohio, later becoming the chief of surgery at Akron General Hospital. In 1931 he visited Sidney in a professional capacity to aid Dr. Cyril Hussey, M. D. in the complicated delivery of brother Charles’ son at Wilson Memorial Hospital. Walker married Bessie May Jones, and they had two children, Robert and Mary Margaret. Robert followed in his father’s footsteps, becoming a physician himself in California; in addition, one of his daughters has continued in the family occupation of medical doctor, as did a son of Mary Margaret’s, Donald Doyle.  Upon retirement, Walker and wife Betty moved to Riverside, CA to be near their son; he died at home there on18 Jan 1971.

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