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William H. Mayer



William H. Mayer

"History of Shelby County, Ohio"
by A.B.C. Hitchcock; Sidney, Ohio; 1913
Richmond-Arnold Pub. Co.; Chicago, IL.
Page 468

     merchant tailor at Sidney, O., is well known to his fellow citizens here, where he has spent his life and practically grew up in his present line of business. He was born at Sidney, July 8, 1872, and is a son of Andrew and Julia (Bretz) Mayer.
     Andrew Mayer was born in Germany in 1829 and before coming to America, learned the tailoring trade. After reaching the United States he located at Lancaster, O., where he worked in tailor shops for a time and then went to Cincinnati and from there, in 1863, came to Sidney, immediately opening his own shop but later closed it and for a time worked as a cutter in other establishments. In 1881 he resumed business for himself and continued until March, 1906, when he retired on account of a slight stroke of paralysis which impaired his health to some extent. At Lancaster, O., he married Julia Bretz, who died in 1896, the mother of the following children: Mary, who was the wife of W. O. Wagner, died in 1892; Charles, who is a tailor in business at Bellefontaine; Delia, who is the wife of P. E. Shennan of Sidney; and Louise, Anna, William H. and Amelia, the last named being the wife of Hon. Charles M. Wyman.
     William H. Mayer attended the parochial schools in boyhood and as soon as old and deft enough was permitted to help his father and in July, 1887, entered upon his apprenticeship to the trade. In 1904 he received his diploma as a cutter from the Frederick Cromborg Cutting School, Chicago, Ill., having previously, in 1892, attended the John J. Mitchell Cutting School, New York City. He continued with his father for nineteen years in all, in 1906 embarking in business for himself. He is recognized as one of the most expert cutters and fitters in the city, while his taste, carefulness and good judgment insure wide and continued patronage.
    Mr. Mayer married Miss Helen Crusey, a daughter of Edward Crusey, and they have three children: Rosemary, Helen and William. Mr. Mayer and family are members of the Catholic church and he is identified fraternally with the Knights of Columbus and the Elks.

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