Shelby County


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Lydia Laymon to Jeremiah Laymon

Deed of conveyance


Memorandum of an agreement made and entered into by and between Lydia Laymon of Shelby County, Ohio of the first part; and Jeremiah Laymon her son of Hamilton County Ohio of the second part. Witnesseth that the said Lydia Laymon on her part doth lease and confirm unto the said Jeremiah Laymon the farm on which she now lives in Shelby County will all the privileges thereof for the term twenty years and the said Jeremiah Laymon on his part engaged to furnish her the said Lydia Laymon a comfortable house near to the one in which she now lives and to allow her a way to the well with the privilege of the well of water. Also to give her one third part of the produce of said farm delivered into the crib mow and stack. In witness whereof we the parties have hereunto set our names and affixed our seals this ninth day of May A.D. 1837.

Attest: /s/ Lydia Laymon (her mark)
George Laymon /s/ Jeremiah Laymon (seal)

The foregoing instrument was entered for record October 5, 1839 and recorded
October 7, 1839.
/s/ James Wells,


Know all men by these presents that I Jeremiah Laymon of Hamilton County and State of Ohio have leased and do hereby lease unto my mother, Lydia Laymon, all of that tract of land on which she now resides being the East half
of the North East quarter of Section four Town one range twelve between the Miami Rivers during her natural life, the said Lydia Laymon to have and to hold said place as if it were her own whilst she lives at the same time. She is not to destroy timber unnecessarily or do other injury to the place further than the ware thereof and other appurtenances belonging thereto reserving to myself
the right to improve said place so as not interfere with said lease November 4th A.D. 1833.

Attest: /s/ Jeremiah Laymon (seal)
George Laymon
John Laymon

The foregoing lease was entered for record October 5, 1839 and recorded October 9, 1839.

/s/ James Wells,

Owner/SourceJill Adami

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