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John Blakeley

Male 1825 - Yes, date unknown


John Blakeley

"History of Shelby County, Ohio"
by A.B.C. Hitchcock; Sidney, Ohio; 1913
Richmond-Arnold Pub. Co.; Chicago, IL.
Page 418

Adam, though a stalwart Republican in a strong Democratic town, is no mere figure head, as he has been mayor and was only defeated the last time by one vote by Thomas Kennedy; is postmaster and editor and proprietor of the Botkins Herald, a luminary which sheds light in the community, suggests improvements, records the happenings and molds public opinion.
As the objective point on this trip was to interview John Blakeley, his father, a pioneer veteran of eighty-four years, we together walked to the home of this retired farmer and as good luck would have it there sat Lorenzo Elliott, a relative and veteran pioneer but a few months Mr. BIakeley's junior and walked from his home two and a half miles distant to make a morning visit. He is wonderfully, well preserved, while Mr. Blakeley is physically infirm, using two canes to support his bowed form, but mentally clear, is an omnivorous reader with a fund of reminiscence and a voluble tongue, that enjoys a rehearsal of past events.
He was born in Franklin county, July 11, 1825, and came to Shelby county with his parents when three years old, where he has since lived. July 1, 1852, he married Miss Elizabeth Elliott, the fifteenth child of Mr. and Mrs. Cornelius Elliott, and became the father of eight children, of whom Adam, Mary and Margaret, now Mrs. Charles F. Snyder, of near Oran, survive.
By industry, economy and judicious investments he became a large land owner but becoming somewhat weary of rural cares he moved to Botkins in May, 1883, a few days after the big snow storm. Not having a sportsman's taste he has but few bear, wolf and deer stories to tell in which he figured, as he never killed but one deer, but he is rich in turkey and squirrel tales and once in his life he shot into a flock of turkeys with his rifle, the ball passing through the head of one and the body of another, one of those chance shots which even a novice might execute, like killing two birds with one stone. He never got tainted with the miasma of Democracy prevalent in that section, so that sin is not on record against him, and he is a Methodist with a clean tide and faith that strengthens with years.

Transcriber's additional notes:

1850; Shelby Co, OH; Dinsmore, p 211
Saml Blakly, 64, IRE, farmer
Mary, 48, OH
John, 25, OH
Geo., 22, OH
Chas, 13, OH

1860; Shelby Co, OH; Dinsmore Twp, p 333
John Blakely, 35, OH, farmer
Elizabeth, 26, OH
Adam, 4, OH
Eve, 1, OH
Jacob Cork, 23, OH, farmer

1870; Shelby Co, OH; Dinsmore Twp, p 482
John Blakely, 44, OH, farmer, father foreign born
Elizabeth, 36, OH
Adam, 14, OH, att. school
Minerva, 7, OH, att. school
Adaline, 5, OH
Mary, 23, PA, living with son, cannot write
Ira Woodall, 21, OH, farm laborer

1880; Shelby Co, OH; Dinsmore, p 93
John Blakeley, 54, OH, IRE, PA, farmrer
Elizabeth, wife, 47, OH, MD, Wales
Adam, son, 23, OH, OH, OH, teaching school
Minerva, dau, 17, OH, OH, OH, att. school
Adilley, dau, 15, OH, OH, OH, att. school
Frank, nephey, 20, OH, OH, OH, laborer
Ira Wooddell, nephey, 30, OH, OH, OH, laborer
Elmer Boyer, none, 9, OH, OH, OH, att. school

1900; Shelby Co, OH; Dinsmore, p 90
John Blakeley, 74, July 1825, OH, ENG, PA, mar 47 yrs, farmer
Elizabeth, wife, 67, Nov 1852, OH, VA, --, mar 47 yrs, 8 children-3 living
Masy M, dau, 37, Jan 1863, OH, OH, OH, single, 1 child-1 living
Cora I, gr dau, 13, June 1886, OH, OH, OH, att. school

1900; Shelby Co, OH; Dinsmore, p 89
Adam Blakesley, 43, June 1856, OH, OH, OH, mar 18 yrs, Editor
Emma, wife, 36, June 1863, OH, ENG, PA, mar 18 yrs, 2 children-2 living, millenery
Lowell E, son, 18, March 1882, OH, OH, OH, confector
Bonnie M, dau, 15, Oct 1884, OH, OH, OH, att. school

1910; Shelby Co, OH; Dinsmore, p 102
John Blakeley, 84, OH, IRE, PA, mar 57 yrs, no occ.
Elizabeth, wife, 77, OH, VA, VA, mar 57 yrs, 8 children-3 living
Minerva, dau, 47, OH, OH, OH, single
Cora Swart or Smart, gr dau, 23, OH, OH, OH, Wd, 1 child-1 living, washer woman, at home
Mabel Esther Swart, grt gr dau, 2, OH, OH, OH

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