Epidemics in Ohio
 Taken from Shelbyana October 1998, No. 77
(From Delawar Gen. Soc. publication, The Delaware Genealogist)
page 14

Cholera:  1832-1834; 1848-1850; 1854; 1856-1866; 1871-1873

Diptheria:  1856-1859; 1896; 1921

Influenza:  1807; 1826; 1879-1889; 1918-1919

Smallpox: 1868; 1882-1883; 1898; 1901-1903; 1905-1913

Typhoid Fever: Ths was usually a local epidemic.

Suggested Cholera Remedies
 Taken from Shelbyana October 1998, No. 77
page 14

By a physician of Alabama:  Put two drachms of tobacco in a pint of hot water, take by mouth or as in injection.

By  a physician of Tennessee:  On the theory that cholera is conveyed in the atmosphere, waffled in the currents -- give one grain of opium and four grains of kino every half hour.  To children, give a strong tincture of cinnamon (a teaspoonful) every half hour.  (This tincture should be made out of bark.) Then strip the patient and throw the coldest water we have over the whole body, hastily wipe dry, and put into blankets, to be allowed to sweat, and give him or her a little well-boiled corn-meal gruel.

(From a letter of May 1849, seen in a Yazoo County, Mississippi publication.)

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